Wrinkles are grooves or folds of skin that are the most obvious manifestation of the time, although not always strictly related to age.
The skin ages as does the rest of the body and this has a certain hereditary component, with age the sex hormones decrease, collagen, elastin, slimmer face bonesand time and the force of gravity muscles lose their tension.
Moreover also influence:
Sun exposure
Suffering systemic or cutaneous disease
The loss and weight gain throughout life
Habits (diet, smoking, alcohol, hours of rest, stress, pollution ...)
Cosmetic care
Taking certain medications
Our "gestures" (facial expression)
Wrinkles do not occur rapidly and as the age and the degree of wrinkling can be:
For cutaneous ptosis or sagging skin, here also flaccidity of the muscle that is under the skin is added.
Natural treatment for facial rejuvenation is an integral method, which is to properly combine several factors that affect the health and beauty.
You will be surprised by this treatment to rejuvenate the face without surgery. What is really surprising is how little time, low cost and minimal effort that will cost you.

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