Virtual Facial Mesotherapy

Virtual Mesotherapy with Ultrasound

Unlike traditional mesotherapy, in the virtual no infiltration is performed, but allows deep penetration of cosmetics through the skin due to the ultrasonic treatment while the treatment is performed. This gentle massage system is very effective providing skin rejuvenation and stimulating blood circulation giving the youth to the skin, while wrinkles are treated from the epidermis. It is also widely used for deep relaxation, improve circulation and relieve tension.
In which cases is Mesotherapy indicated?
Facial mesotherapy is a treatment focused mainly:
A major facial rejuvenation.
Eliminate small wrinkles on the face.
It is an ideal treatment to keep a healthy skin and as a time preventing measure.
For fast general revitalization of your face.
Provide brightness, smoothness and reduces sagging of face and neck.
Significantly hydration improvement.
Should you always need to apply several sessions?
It is important that the person who wants to take this type of treatment as a rule knows about 4 sessions that are recommended to achieve some effective results. Without ever forget that it is the specialist who should determine the number of sessions, and will depend on the client's age, skin type, photoaging suffering from sagging, wrinkles type and degree of aging, etc.
Early results after treatment of facial mesotherapy usually seen so gradually, and once completed the recommended treatment should be organized more or less spacing maintenance over time, depending on each client, to extend the results in time so simpler and cheaper.