Spots (Peeling)

Chemical peeling
 involves the application of some acid gels containing glycolic acid, these gels are exfoliants on the face and neck of the client, the peeling removes by abrasion several superficial layers of the skin of the face and with them, all impurities containing and imperfections, like small wrinkles or surface stains. Shortly after chemical facial peeling with glycolic acid, the removed layers regenerate naturally appearing new tissue without imperfections and impurities were removed.

Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), glycolic acid belongs to the group of non-toxic acids and not absorbed by the skin, glycolic acid is extracted from fruits or other foods, which unlike other, glycolic acid consists of two carbon atoms. Glycolic acid is the only acid which achieves a skin peeling effect.

Facial peeling is very useful for treating fine wrinkles, effects of sunlight on the skin of the face, scars caused by acne or superficial skin blemishes on the face.

With chemical peeling you get a skin on your face younger, bright, uniform, elastic and soft. Use of peeling and skin rejuvenation method has many advantages over other treatments.

Chemical peelings can be done any time of year. 
The peeling can be used on any skin type.
It can be used anywhere on the body, but we will focus on its use as facial rejuvenation technique, application on face and neck. 
The application of facial peel is quick, painless and nothing complex. 
No general anesthesia or hospital admission is necessary.
You can check the effects of peeling immediately after application. 
Great satisfaction from people using the facial peel. 
The peeling is much cheaper than other methods of rejuvenation.
There are different types of gels on the market to practice rejuvenating chemical peeling, the use of either always depend on the analysis of the characteristics of your skin elasticity, wrinkle depth, number of spots or scars, etc. and the advice of our specialists and our advisors. Keep in mind that although the peeling is a simple and safe technique, it is abrasion of the skin, the deeper the peel (more layers are removed) may be more risky, see the possible complications later.

Chemical peelings, can be broadly classified into three levels, depending on the depth of the layers of skin are removed in the peeling:

Surface level peeling

In turn this technique is divided into very light or light peeling, but never gets deeper than 0.06 mm in the skin of the face. This technique of peeling with glycolic acid is used to remove localized stains on surface layers, removing scars made by not pronounced acne, reduces active acne and removes fine wrinkles. After applying this peel you will notice a reddening of the skin of the face and neck that disappears in a few hours. The superficial peel can be applied every 15-20 days if desired.

La imagen puede contener: una personaMidlevel peeling

In this technique deepens slightly to 0.45 mm, more skin layers, as in the previous case, removes spots, scars, acne and wrinkles, but greater intensity than in the preceding case is removed. The effects of this technique are red skin peeling and skin face peeling, but nothing stopping you from making a completely normal life. The medium peel can be applied every 6-7 weeks.

Deep level peeling

This technique is the most aggressive peeling, reaches up to 0.6 mm depth is used to remove imperfections and impurities, as in the previous cases, but severely. The effects of this are red skin peeling, flaking and scabs on the face, this effect can last about 15 days. The deep peel can be applied, if necessary, every 3 months.

Chemical peeling is not a technique that can stop the effects of aging and the aging of our skin, what we get with the facial peel is to improve your appearance and delay the effects of aging on our face.

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