Skin spots removal

The spots on the face can appear for various reasons: hormonal, age, family history or prolonged exposure to the sun. They are very frequent during the summer months where exposure to the sun is higher than at other times. If there are skin spots for other reasons they intensify and after the tanning disappears they become more visible.

Laser spot removal

These treatments are performed with laser, this is an effective device used in aesthetics for the elimination of skin spots that appear on the face, neckline or hands.


• It is a safe, painless simple and effective procedure to remove facial or body blemishes.

• Acts through a simple procedure of our organism that reabsorbs the pigment microparticles and removes them later through the lymphatic system through its absorption and thus eliminates the stain.

• In most cases, the recommendable treatment consists of a few sessions that can vary according to the type of spot and its size according to its type between 1 to 4 sessions *.

The application of the laser in the elimination of the spots in the skin offers the possibility of destroying the excess of pigment, without leaving any type of scar on the skin. The spots disappear gradually leaving the skin intact and with a uniform tone. These after treatment will not appear again, although if you are not careful with solar radiation (UVA) may appear new skin spots.

Normally it takes two to three sessions to remove a spot on the skin. There must be a minimum of five weeks between each session.

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