Milliums cysts

It is common to find people with tiny bumps on her face white dots the size of a pinhead, especially in the area of cheekbones, cheeks and eyelids. These spots are known medically named millium cyst, and are due to the obstruction of the pilosebaceous follicle by keratin excess .

In adults, the causes of which appear can be related to sun exposure, history of acne, smoking and / or lack of proper hygiene, or simply genetic lottery, among others.
Customers find it very unsightly, even makeup coverage camouflages are useless, and make out from the skin.

The treatment consists of two steps:

STEP 1: Empty the contents of the cyst using a needle or electrocuagulador and then a comedone extractor. The treatment is quick, painless, requires no anesthesia, and one session can remove all cysts in the area.The client leaves the center with a pink dot where each lesion that disappears in a few hours and can be hiden perfectly with makeup .

• STEP 2: To prevent the recurrence, the specialist must establish a treatment the client should do at home which will be the use of suitable hygiene products (soaps, scrubs, etc) as well as the use of AHA creams, sunscreens, nutritional imbalances correction, etc. It is also recommended to complete treatment with peels every 15 days (at least 6 sessions) salicylic acid (LHA) or glycolic acid at high concentrations (70%).

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