Micropigmentation (also known as permanent eyeliner or permanent makeup) is a simple method to color eyebrows, eyes and lips in order to camouflage imperfections, scars or give a more aesthetic shape.

The micropigmentación involves the application of a hypoallergenic natural epidermal level and pigments. These color pigments are applied with a fine needle through the skin giving the desired color tone.

Treatment is simple and long-lasting results, so much so that we can keep the results for several months without the hassles of daily makeup.

One of the areas where this treatment is applied is on the eyebrows. Excellent results are obtained in unpopulated eyebrows, eyebrows together, too far apart and even eyebrows that are close to the eyelid.

Permanent makeup can be used on a paramedical way, like achieve hides small scars for example, by an ancient breast enlargement operation.

Still, the most common form of micropigmentation application usually for aesthetic reasons and convenience mainly because once completed the treatment, the results are very similar to when we make up with cosmetics.

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