Facial hygiene

It is a procedure based on the application of aesthetic techniques to achieve a cleaning of accumulated waste in the pores of the skin and also an effective exfoliation process of dead cells. All this followed by hydration and nutrition of the skin, in such a way that the client always comes out better than how he arrived. This procedure is indicated for all clients with healthy skin, regardless of skin type (white or dark), it should be a habit of beauty and should be done at least once a month. Also in therapeutic management of clients with acne.

 Duration and Frequency:

The facial cleansing procedure lasts for a maximum of one hour and should be done as directed by clients with acne and every month in healthy clients.


1. Preventive maintenance of facial skin
2. Cleaning the pores
 3. Fat production control

Side effects:

1. Transient flushing, resolves in less than an hour.
 2. Emergence of crusts in areas of active lesions in cases of acne, which heal in less than a week and leave a renewed and clean skin.
 3. Areas of hyperpigmentation (spots) in case of not using properly the sunscreen.


There are no known contraindications, only caution should be used in specific cases.

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