Carbon mask + laser Nd-yaG

Carbon mask + Laser Nd-yaG

This Neodymium YAG laser opens the doors to a new dimension of rejuvenation, exfoliation, hygiene and acne removal treatments, when combined with a cosmetic mask of activated carbon.



The treatment of Active Carbon is absolutely painless and its implementation is very simple: an active carbon mask is extended and then the IR-Nd-YAG laser is applied in its emission of 1320 nm wavelength. What happens when applying phototechnology is that the black particles of the carbon behave like target chromophores, and when they absorb the light they explode, and through the pores, they reach the deep cutaneous layers, to where they lead the laser energy. This mechanism of action makes it a very effective therapy in the following treatments:

Hygiene By making it penetrate deeply, driven by laser energy, activated charcoal drags pollutants and dead cells, causing a clean and renewed skin to appear.

Peeling The carbon components, when activated by the impact of light, produce a responsible exfoliation to eliminate the keratinized epithelial layers, homogenize the cutaneous texture, close pores and clear up hyperpigmentation.

Rejuvenation The renovating action associated with the exfoliating effect stimulates an intense stimulation of cellular regeneration processes, which results in increased production of collagen and elastin. The result is skin rejuvenation, which is evident in a smoother, firmer complexion, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-Acne The thermal effect produced by the laser attached to activated carbon, which in itself already has a bactericidal action, reduces the activity of opportunistic bacteria including Propinobacterium acnes. Likewise, the activity of the fat glands is normalized, the tissue is decongested and comedones are eliminated.


More APPLICATIONS IR LASER IR Nd-YAG laser allows the emission in other wavelengths, in particular 1064 and 532 nm. so it is also used with excellent results to remove stains and tattoos.

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