Waxing has many advantages compared to the razor:
1- hair takes to grow to 6 weeks. 
2 - With several depilation using wax, hair born weaker and less dense. 
3 - The treatment that leaves the skin smoother than the shaver.   


The procedure can vary depending on the wax used. (In our center we use, disposable waxes) Do not try to make this treatment for the first time on your own is more complicated than it seems.
Resultado de imagen de depilacion con cera1 - Area to be waxed is cleaned. Making sure you have no particle of fat, powders are sometimes used.
2 - The wax is applied with a wooden spatula. The wax is applied in the direction of hair. This is the critical part, if the wax is not applied in the direction of the hair, the hair is not removed from the root, so it grows faster.
3 - On wax you put a piece of cloth (muslin or blanket) in the direction of hair. It is massaged to adhere to the wax.
4 - Stretch fabric in the opposite direction to the hair. It has to be one moving to hurt less.
5 - An antiseptic and moisturizer should be applied to the shaved area. 
Hair removal using wax is quick and effective.  

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