How do you eliminate cellulite?
The ROLLACTION system causes compression on the adipocyte, compresses and ruptures its membrane, expels liquids, fat and waste from its interior and is channeled to lymphatic and blood elimination routes during the same treatment, since at the same time the metabolic processes necessary to evacuate them naturally. It is the only system on the market that accesses the deepest layers where the most rebellious cellulite is found.
Why does it tone, improve, and eliminate flaccidity?
Because the superficial tissues such dermis and epidermis are not subjected to any mechanical traction during the ROLLACTION treatments, but they are worked by compression and with a sliding of the heads on the surface, getting them to feed and reaffirm them without sucking them, pinching them , kneading them, dragging them, etc.
How does Rollaction drain and remove liquids?
The deep massage of ROLLACTION on all tissues increases the metabolic functions, compresses the cell causing the evacuation of the liquid, mobilizes all the tissues by circulating all those retained liquids, balances the expulsion of retained liquids from the cells and interstitial spaces and lymphatic channels and venous system for its evacuation.


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