Post Surgical Treatments




Resultado de imagen de drenaje linfaticoIt can be applied previously to the intervention, in this case the session start at least two weeks before liposuction recommending a minimum of 4 sessions; thus we get:
Decrease preoperative anxiety.
Activate the lymphatic system to work faster in the reconstruction process of injured tissues after surgery.
Facilitate the work of the surgeon.
LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE sessions post liposuction are especially important in women with venous insufficiency and / or tendency to retain fluids.

It is in the postoperative period where the DLM has demonstrated its usefulness and effectiveness. Postoperative sessions begin as soon as authorized by the surgeon who performed the operation. It usually starts between the 4th and the 5th day after surgery. Resultado de imagen de drenaje linfaticoIn some liposuction started the next day (without removing the sash to the client). The exact start date depends on the extent and features of liposuction, the skin type of the client, and especially the experience and expertise of the physiotherapist.
The application technique is accurate and the mobilization of the skin during the first week is minimal to facilitate correct skin retraction. Liposuction can damage lymph vessels and joints in the lower skin structures; early mobilization of the skin could hinder proper lymphatic regeneration and the creation of links that connect the skin to the underlying structures. Mobilization excess could result in a more loose skin, worsening the result of the intervention.
Often when customers come first DLM sessions show some fear at the thought that the treatment will be painful; DLM does not cause postoperative pain or discomfort, even on full tissue swelling and bruising. The DLM well done provides relief from the first session.
After 15 days we finish the session with DLM sliding maneuvers to favor edema reabsorption through the venous system. The maneuvering speed is slow, go the whole leg will take about 8-10 seconds. Gel use essential oils that promote blood and lymph circulation "cold effect" or.
Resultado de imagen de drenaje linfaticoAccelerate the reabsorption of edema and ecchymosis.
Promoting regeneration of damaged capillaries and lymph vessels after liposuction.
Minimize discomfort and provide comfort in the postoperative period.
Decrease the duration of postoperative.
Improving skin condition.
Accelerate the recovery of tissues. Accelerate recovery of sensation in the skin.
Encourage skin retraction. Accelerate the resorption of fibrous areas by stimulating macrophages.
We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions DLM after liposuction, applied twice a week; although the ideal would be to conduct daily sessions during the first half, spacing later.
It is a nice addition if used wisely. You can start applying from the 2nd day if the surgeon agrees. In the first session (if it starts in the first week) is not necessary or advisable for the customer remove the compressive girdle.
It is best to use programmable equipment in which the pressure can be regulated by segment, since the location and extent of edema can vary greatly depending on the area where liposuction is performed. Pressure therapy will always be of low intensity.
Resultado de imagen de lpg tratamientoLPG
The LPG can be used in the immediate postoperative period and subsequently. The most suitable program or remodeling drainage is used in each case. You should consider the same precautions as with DLM avoiding excessive mobilization of the skin during the first few weeks.
It is advisable to use moisturizers to prevent peeling of the skin produced by the band.
If fibrous areas appear we can use cream "heat effect" causing hyperemia of the superficial tissues increasing metabolism. Sometimes produce good results and help reduce fibrosis.
The gels are useful cooling effect to enhance venous return and create a sense of freshness and very pleasant to the customer decongestion. May apply at the end of the session with landslides.

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