Gel nails

Resultado de imagen de uña de gelWHAT ARE GEL NAILS?
Nails are an essential part of our body and not only for its protective action but that says a lot about us, about our appearance; one well-groomed nails denote an almost perfect health in individuals, while those that are dirty or damaged do not provide a pleasing appearance to the eye.
The nail care is essential if we want to provide a good picture, and often the biggest problem is that we have no time to care for them thoroughly as they should and this is where they begin to be damaged, broken and dirty more often.
To all this there is a very practical solution: gel nails, these nail are not literally made of gel, they are made of acrylic and often replace traditional nails especially when they are damaged. Gel nails as mentioned earlier are made of acrylic and are part of the range of the already known "false nails", although they hide the shortcomings of the original nails, we care for them because as any applicable beauty needs of hygiene.
This attachment must be placed on the original nail, this procedure is performed very simply by following a series of steps. 
First we buy essential materials: glue tips, tips (natural gel nails, French tips or transparent), sterilizer polish, acetone, porcelain powder, dehydrating polish, polishing lime, cold gel, molecular monomer, short type and cuticle oil. 
Once we have all the elements we can begin. Begin filing the natural nail surface to remove all gloss, then through gauze and disinfectant will then deshidrataremos the nail so that you can adhere the gel nail without any problem.
The tip should be measured according to the size of each of our nails, once we have already measures cut, we apply a drop of glue and attach it to the natural nail.

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