Endermologic treatment (LPG)

Cellulitis, Localized Adiposity, Body Modeling
What is the endermologic treatment?
The endermologic treatment as it is known in our country, was originally developed in France in the seventies and has been used in the treatment of cellulite, considering that the pathophysiology reside in alterations in the connective tissue, secondary to changes in veno-lymphatic system. The subdermal therapy, also called vacuum therapy or endermotherapy, is a noninvasive procedure mechanism that uses a negative pressure on the tissues, which creates a vacuum by an engine air intake. When we put the head of the equipment in the area being treated, induced by a camera massage, which takes suction and roller facilitates displacement occurs.
Physiological effects
Facilitates lymphatic drainage.
Accelerates the rate of blood flow.
It tones the skin.
Reduces body circumferences and skinfold.
Disrupts cellulite nodules.
Relaxes and stretches the fiber tracts that exist in these nodules.

Toning, reduction and body contouring.
Peripheral circulatory disorders.

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