Elimination of varicose veins

Varicose veins are dilatations of the veins caused by the accumulation of blood due to a difficulty for venous return, which is why they are more frequent in the legs. The veins are formed by valves that help the movement of the blood, if these are damaged, the blood will stop and accumulate increasing its pressure, which causes the veins to dilate and form varicose veins.

How to fight and eliminate varicose veins

It is important to eliminate varicose veins to avoid problems such as heaviness, tingling, cramping, swelling or more serious conditions such as phlebitis.

Exercising, losing weight, raising the legs when resting, performing massages, not wearing too tight clothes and avoiding long legs crossed, or in the same position, are habits that help prevent varicose veins from worsening, since they favor good blood circulation

For the elimination of varicose veins the best treatment without surgery is the elimination through the vascular laser or by chemical sclerosis, since it reduces the time of treatment and eliminates even the smallest vessels. Compression measurements should be applied the following week to complete the treatment.


- Chemical sclerosis

Chemical sclerosis is a simple treatment, which aims to eliminate all types of varicose veins, both aesthetic varicose veins and inesthetic varicose veins.

- Laser sclerosis

The treatment of sclerosis of varicose veins with laser will allow your skin to recover its appearance, eliminating in a controlled and selective way the redness of the skin with successive steps of the laser beam.

- Chemical sclerosis

Characteristics of the treatment of chemical sclerosis

Chemical sclerosis allows the elimination of unaesthetic varicose veins, even the smallest ones, with a totally new technique that presents great safety and reduces the treatment time by 50% compared to any other existing therapy to solve this type of problem.

Advantages of the treatment

• It is not necessary to go through the operating room, allowing us to incorporate into our daily life, since it does not need medical losses.
• The unsightly part of the varicose veins disappear. The patient can return to enjoy the wardrobe that she had left forgotten because she did not want to show her legs with varicose veins.
• No sick leave is necessary.
• When removing the varicose vein removing the unsightly effect.
• It is perfectly compatible with other medical treatments that work at more superficial levels, such as laser hair removal, firstly waxing and in days
 later sclerosis.

  How does it apply?

Before starting the treatment and in order to evaluate the type of varicose veins that the patient has, a diagnosis is made by the doctor to determine the type and volume of varicose veins to be treated.

The treatment is carried out using the technique of sclerosis with foam. It is done through the infiltration of sclerosing products that allow the vein to be sealed or annulled. The blood of this vein is reabsorbed by the organism itself.

The realization of this treatment is carried out by doctors.

- Laser sclerosis