Diodo laser

The diode laser is mainly characterized by having a longer wavelength than the other options available on the market (800nm ​​compared to the 755 nm of the alexandrite laser for example), so that this laser penetrates more into the skin, which is especially indicated for darker skins or for thicker and deeper hair. It can also work well for lighter skin, but always if the hair is thick or medium.


-When having a longer wavelength, it penetrates better into the skin so it is especially recommended for people with dark skin and thick hair.

-This longer wavelength provides a deeper and safer penetration into the skin.

- People with brown or black hair are the most benefited by this type of laser.

-It is especially indicated for areas of the body of great extension, which allows a safe and pain-free treatment.


Did you know that on average, women wax more than 7000 times throughout their lives? Or that men spend more than 3000 hours of their lives shaving? Hair removal using the diode laser is a long-term investment that will allow you to look more beautiful skin without the worry of shaving or waxing

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