Body mesotherapy


The best and most innovative system to eliminate cellulite and reaffirm is Virtual Mesotherapy, a new concept of weight loss and body remodeling, without pain or heat, without causing any trauma to the tissues.


The basis of this program is the ABI (Iontophoresis Antioxidant Biomoduladora), an advanced concept of virtual Mesotherapy, the latest to reduce volume and end cellulite and flaccidity. It is especially indicated for all those people who do not accept the punctures of conventional body mesotherapy.

It is an apparatus that creates an energy field through which the so-called Iontophoresis is produced, which is the transdermal introduction of antioxidant active substances with lipolytic action in the deep layers of the skin.

It consists of a microprocessor from which split two cables, a negative pole and a positive pole. One of the two poles is connected to a plate that comes into contact with the skin; the other pole is connected to the package of the product. The content is applied through the transducer: the magnetic field created between the client and the equipment introduces the product to the deeper layers.

In fact, it has a penetration of up to 8 centimeters. This process allows the fatty tissue to be ionized directly through the skin layers, without interference. It guarantees a penetration of 90% of the product and, in only 4 minutes, the assets arrive at the same place that they would arrive with a needle. It is applied over the entire surface of the skin.

Stimulates deep muscle and superficial tissues (skin and adipose tissue). Ionizes, tense, thin. It destroys fat, nourishes the skin and firms the tissues. It produces stimuli on the myofibrils of the skin and activates the production of collagen. Immediate and lasting results. It is fast and painless. The results are noticed from the first session. And to obtain the desired effect, around 10 sessions are recommended, depending on each case.


Anti-cellulite, reducing and body firming

Firming of thighs and glutes

Firming arms


The different areas to be treated are:





Pectorals (only men, not women)




Each session lasts 30 minutes and is dedicated to only one area.

If the person wants to make several zones, a personalized program is prepared.

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