Body hifu

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a very precise procedure in which high intensity ultrasound energy is applied in a focused manner, producing heat locally and causing an ablation effect on a tissue in a controlled manner and directed to a specific point.

What are high frequency focused ultrasounds?

It is high intensity ultrasound that allows you to concentrate all your energy generating a magnifying effect without affecting the most superficial tissues of the epidermis. Respecting the superficial layers of the skin is a non-invasive treatment and does not require any recovery period.

The difference between HIFU and other non-invasive techniques such as lasers is that focused ultrasound acts directly on the deep layers of the skin. In fact, HIFU and laser treatment are perfectly compatible and even complementary technologies.

Is it a safe treatment?

Ultrasounds have been used in physiotherapy and medicine for half a century, so they have shown that they can be used safely without causing any kind of damage.

How does HIFU work to reduce body fat?

The ultrasound is applied directly on the area to be treated, and can be applied comfortably even in the curved areas of the body, which are precisely where more fat is usually accumulated, as in the abdomen, cartridge belts and buttocks.

What HIFU waves do is produce a thermomechanical effect that is responsible for destroying the fatty tissue at the subcutaneous level, but without damaging either the adjacent tissues or the epidermis. The fat begins to dissolve and is eliminated naturally through the body.

Its effects are so immediate that the reduction of a size with a single session is guaranteed.

It is a treatment that is not painful. The normal thing is that first a peeling of the area to be treated in order to prepare the skin for ultrasound, the area is massaged and then HIFU ultrasound are applied making upward movements to achieve remodeling and toning through body heat and the combustion of fats. The treatment is usually finished with a massage in the treated area and the application of liporeductive cream.

Functions of the Body Hifu:

1. Less swelling

2. Feeling lightness.

3. Reduce cellulite and orange peel.

4. Reduction of body contour.

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