Natural treatments

Natural Medicine is a broad concept that allows us to treat a variety of complementary and alternative medicines, including: herbal medicine, dietary supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture, neural therapy, magnetism, acupressure, and other of the many alternative medicines available today.

The theory of the healing power of nature began around the fourth century before Christ and was described by followers of Hippocrates and Galen between the years 460 and 200 BC. Doctrine holds that nature provides the human body with internal powers would restore to whether same health. This theory explains the diarrhea, inflammation and fever (among other symptoms and physiological signs) as the body attempts to achieve homeostasis.
A more modern theory by Dr. Henry Lindlahr states that the disease is caused by the deviation of the natural laws, and that the disease itself is evidence of the body's attempt to try to correct the situation by returning the body to its natural state , to homeostasis with their environment. Dr. Lindlahr postulated that the disease has one of the following causes: decreased vitality, blood poisoning and poisoning of lymph.
Another important element of Natural Medicine is the principle of treating the whole person. The Natural Medicine is the art of treating the person and not the disease through individualized treatment.
The importance today of Natural Medicine is evidenced by the high consumption of the recommended alternative for this disease management products.

The reasons for this huge boom of alternative medicines are several:

Comprehensive approach to the person.
Better and faster results in certain types of diseases and conditions.
Only treatment available for some disorders since conventional medicine offers only in those cases a treatment for the symptoms.
Less complications and less side effects.
Some treatments are less traumatic.
Usually they are cheaper.

Homeopathy is an alternative branch of medicine that instead of using conventional medicines, uses natural preparations to achieve remission of disease or relief from chronic ailments. Likewise, you can help to see ourselves more beautiful.
Indeed, there is shown homeopathy to lose weight, for example, because you are ingesting natural substances effective against fluid retention, hunger, anxiety, cellulite, heavy legs, varicose veins, the accumulation of abdominal fat and excess fat on the buttocks and hips.
The preparations are effective in helping to eliminate toxins that have trapped in the body, causing many of the hassles mentioned. No contraindications and no risk of toxicity or harmful side effects. They can be used by children, pregnant women, anyone around.

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