In the Centro Estética la Breña, MASSAGE is understood as a way of returning the natural balance, normalizing the tissue and freeing the body of all tensions.

Maximum respect to the body and the person using novel techniques very effective soft, painless, releasing the deep tensions that we acquire daily. For a more effective and deeper than conventional treatment are necessary NEW TECHNIQUES, researched and developed in recent years based on new findings on tissue responses to manipulations, and where we are EXPERTS.

The sessions are usually 45 minutes for a treatment of back, manually treat all the tensions of the body that are related, acupuncture gets if deemed appropriate and the person is willing, and if necessary send exercises to do at home.

The pleasant atmosphere in the room and great professionals, our clients will feel comfortable in your sessions. This is very important for us as confidence and relaxation we get is an indispensable part of effective treatment.

Available massages:

. Relaxing massage

. Lumbar massage

. Sciatic massage

. Relieving massage

. Massage with bamboo

. Hot Stone Massage

. Feet reflexology

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