Facial acupuncture

What is aesthetic acupuncture?

We all know the use of acupuncture for the care of our health, but the union of acupuncture and aesthetics is a discovery, in the West, more recent.
In China aesthetic acupuncture was already used to take care of appearance, to stay younger by delaying the appearance of wrinkles.
At Estetica La Breña, after checking the many benefits of facial acupuncture, we have incorporated this technique into practically all our treatments. Since it is a natural, alternative treatment, as innumerable benefits.

Aesthetic acupuncture to fight wrinkles

A fundamental difference between aesthetic acupuncture and other rejuvenation treatments is that acupuncture at the same time that helps us fight the signs of aging helps us to take care of our general health. It is an integral treatment.
The treatment with aesthetic acupuncture will not be left alone in the use of needles but it will be complemented with massages, herbs and good dietary therapy.
The use of facial acupuncture is highly recommended to maintain a youthful appearance, we will achieve it without having to undergo much more invasive and sometimes dangerous treatments.

What are the benefits of aesthetic acupuncture?

Among the many benefits of aesthetic acupuncture we can highlight:
Eliminates fine lines and improves the appearance of deeper wrinkles.
Improves muscle tone
It helps reduce bags under the eyes.
Reduce the double chin.
With facial acupuncture is achieved to reduce the spots on the face.
Increase collagen production.
Improves the functioning of the metabolism and helps eliminate excess fluid.
Increases circulation with what is achieved a better and greater hydration of the skin.
It improves the hormonal balance.
Lift the drooping eyelids.
It reduces the stress of the face.
It promotes wellness and general health.
It delays the aging process from within.

As we see, there are many benefits, not only related to beauty, that we can obtain with the use of aesthetic acupuncture. That always putting us in the hands of serious and competent professionals who deserve an absolute confidence.

Reasons to choose a facial acupuncture treatment

In addition to the benefits that facial acupuncture offers, there are other reasons that can help us to decide to undergo this treatment:
It is cheaper than a cosmetic surgery intervention.
It is a safe treatment, in the hands of a good professional.
It is painless and without side effects.
There are no risks of disfigurement.
There is no swelling or any other type of trauma.

Why is aesthetic acupuncture so effective?

Aesthetic acupuncture is effective due to the action of needles on the body:

The needles get the inner layer of the skin to contract.
The facial muscles are collected and in this way the skin is stretched.

 - The needles stimulate the blood circulation by toning and strengthening the muscles and hydrating the area.

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