Chocolate therapy

At cosmetic level it is moisturizing, nourishing for the skin and has a draining and anti-cellulite action, improves stress and gives elasticity to the skin.
In terms of health, provides minerals and trace elements: calcium, iron, magensi, phosphorus, etc. Vitamins A, E and several B group. Serotonin: The chocolate consumed either orally or level through the skin induces production in the brain of a substance linked to serotonin. This hormone is directly responsible for the person to have feelings of: happiness, tranquility and relaxation.
The benefits of chocolate therapy are :
Resultado de imagen de chocolaterapiaIt stimulates the senses, moisturizes, nourishes and gives elasticity to the skin, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, is relaxing and produces a general welfare.
What kind of chocolate is used ?
100% cocoa
Difference from eatable ?
The one used for body treatments takes no more than 100% cacao, however you can eat, but it is too bitter. The comestible leads more or less milk and butter to make it more tastier.
How these treatments are developed and if there are variants?
In my center is developed in the following way:
We make a body peeling with a scrub from sugar, macadamia oil, avocado, almonds, shea butter and cocoa butter.
Resultado de imagen de chocolaterapiaWe have previously heated chocolate and prepared to put a very thin layer of the same throughout the body, covered with plastic and covered with an electric blanket for 20 minutes.
Chocolate is removed and once dry skin makes drainage massage all over the body with a cream made of Chocolate and Orange, which helps eliminate fluid retention and allows the decongestion of the skin.

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