Body nutricosmetics

What is nutricosmetics?

Ecological cosmetics deals with the beauty of the skin, like conventional cosmetics, only in this case it does it "from within". It consists of ingesting food products in small doses with cosmetological properties such as antioxidants, collagen activators, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients that have demonstrated their importance in the functions of the organism so that the skin gets all the necessary nutrients and stays fresh and young.
The products of ecological cosmetics come from natural elements so they are considered totally harmless and have no side effects, but this does not mean that their use should be abused since it is always recommended that they be complemented with a healthy diet and continuous physical exercise. In this way, the result will always be more complete and effective.
As Dr. Jiménez Ucero explains in his book: "even in the most balanced diets there may be deficiencies". If to this is added that there are levels and production of bodily elements that fall with age, such as elastin, decorin or collagen, and that are responsible for the flaccidity of the skin, it is a matter of logic that a high-quality complement of substitution, produce excellent results.


What are natural cosmetics products made of?

The composition of these supplements is very varied and is extracted directly from the food itself. Generally, they contribute -among others- minerals, oligoelements, polyphenols, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E and K.

What is the main advantage of nutricosmetics?

According to experts in beauty, the advantage of nutricosmetics is that it achieves an action on the entire skin, but not only externally, but also in depth, where topical cosmetics, such as creams, gels or make-up, do not usually arrive.

Do we take nutricosmetics?

This trend has been gradually introduced into the daily routine of personal care and is increasingly on the rise in Spain (28%) although not as much as in other European countries (France 40%). The most sold nutricosmetics in our country are supplements for weight loss, those that fight hair loss, oral protection photo and antioxidants.

What type of these supplements would you recommend to include in summer?